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We think BULLDOGS are an AMAZING breed. The first time we came in contact with the ENGLISH BULLDOG breed we knew it was luv at first site.  We could not wait to have our own BULLDOG.  Sammy became a part of our family in July of 1985; from that time on we were hopelessly in love with the breed.  It only took a short time to realize we wanted a second addition to our family.  We added a little girl within six months, her full name Waltman’s Little Miss Charity Case, aka “Casey”.  She was our own charity case, as at the time we could not afford her. Steve took numerous landscaping jobs to pay for her – a little at a time.

Waltman’s Bulldogs came to be for that very reason. What Reason? We believe that Bulldogs are an addiction, meaning you can’t have just one. (Kinda like an Oreo cookie) We have grown over the years to a select group of QUAILITY BULLDOGS, which are our companions. Bullies are a very affectionate and extremely loyal breed. 

Bulldogs are great companions for adults and make excellent playmates for children and other pets.  All of our bulldog puppies are raised in our home not a kennel.  We raise a limited number of quality puppies each year. Our goal is to raise healthy good-tempered puppies that represent the breed standard.  We offer both show prospects and family pets.  We are looking for the best possible homes for our babies.

If you are considering adding a new member to your family and have questions, please feel free to contact us. We love the opportunity to talk bullies and will be happy to share our knowledge and years of experience with you.




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